About SSOPro and Multiplayer World

Single Sign-On is a technology that allows business owners to quickly and easily control access to your website(s) and web application data. Membership, access levels, roles & permissions, password retrieval and more, managed through the convenient and secure SSOPro Administrative interface.

With just a username and password, data & services can easily be accessed from anywhere your employees or clients require; at the office, at home or on the road. But, with lost passwords, escalating intrusion from hackers, identity theft & cyber-attacks, access to your critical applications and data can be compromised overnight.

Our system allows administrators to issue and manage employee & customer credentials safely and securely. These username and password combinations function as GLOBAL access to all company web applications based on preset roles and rules. Users have the ability to easily reset their own passwords if forgotten or stale. Just imagine, no more "I forgot my password" emails and phone calls!

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